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This DJ one of the most wonderful decisions I made in regard to my wedding. He's very responsive, took time to put together a very nice time line. He engaged all of my wedding party and my guests. He got our family involved as well it was really nice. He's good at adding emotion not only did we cry sometimes but we also Laughed Until We Cried. His wife and he were super easy to work with and super flexible they could make a change at the drop of a hat which is everything to a stressed-out bride. He even saying us our last song personally. You can't go wrong with him. And there's not another one out there like them.

Jennifer Gibson 09/30/2018

Tulsa Ok

I was lucky enough to find John and Talina through Thumbtack and booked them for our corporate holiday party. Our CEO wanted to do a Karaoke contest and I needed someone who knew how to do that and knew it might not be easy with our crowd. We were slow to get started but John was incredible and helped everyone feel comfortable and we ended up with more karaoke sign ups than we needed for the competition! He is also a professional - I didn't feel like I had to worry about whether they would show up or not or if they knew what they were doing, even though I had not met them or did not have a personal referral. I had several colleagues ask me where I found him and a couple ask to send contact info for events they are planning.
I will definitely contact them in the future for any other events I am planning. There is a huge difference between hiring a professional and someone who does DJ on the weekends as a "hobby business". John and Talina are true professionals and it was a pleasure to work with them.

Chistine Carpenter Tanner --- Jan. 9, 2018

Arkansas City, KS.

First off I would like to thank you once again for making mine and my wife's wedding day spectacular! I would have never thought that so many people would have went out on the dance floor and in all honesty it wouldn't have happened if you wasn't getting everyone evolved, keeping them interested and having them participate in the festivities. It was a big success and one to truly remember. it didn't matter what the age was from 2 years old all the way up to almost 90 everyone had a blast and enjoyed themselves and the music! We really couldn't have had such a success with out you! And you're wife done an amazing job with the photography! She really thought outside of the box and came up with some extremely creative ideas! Y'all are both amazing and very respectful people! Thank you for leading a helping hand when non of us knew how to tie a tie! I can honestly say you and you're wife will be getting phone calls from us for the next big party/event we have! Thank you once again and great work you made a lot of people happy.!

Alex Burnett --- July 26, 2017

Tahlequah, OK

My sister had her wedding last night. John you did an amazing job!!! You made you sure it's a night that we won't forget!! I do believe I was on the dance floor all night. Thank you for making it such a wonderful wedding and reception. Can't wait call for our next party! And I know that Rose and Micheal appreciate the awesome job you did!!

Loertta Wilson - Adams --- Aug. 20, 2017

Coweta, OK.

When I was first told that my son was going to have a DJ at the wedding I thought, oh great this is going to be a wasted expense. I have been to weddings that had a DJ and no one would dance. This DJ made sure everyone got up and had a great time. I come from a family that doesn't dance but they danced! Everyone young or old had a blast! It was truly a time I will remember always. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Shawna Stanley --- July 26, 2017

Tahlequah, OK.

We went to Mr. And Mrs. Alex Burnett's wedding this past Saturday. I had no idea you could have so much fun! The DJ had everyone involved in the festivities. Everyone was dancing and participating in the garter and bouquet toss. I truly enjoyed the wedding! I would recommend DJ Mercer to host any type party. He did a great job at Alex and ShiAnne's wedding!

Kathryne Nichols Burnett --- July 26, 2017

Thalequah, OK.

I think he did a great job..kept the crowd involved and focused. Included everyone which made me feel like more than just a guest. He is witty and a quick thinker which makes for a lot of spontaneous outcomes..
The photographer seemed very knowledgeable and helped them to be prepared. I'm sure the photos will be great!

Robin Hutchins --- July 26, 2017

Tahlequah, OK.

DJ is awesome and truly made my wedding all flow together. He made it so much fun all night long! Great couple of people to work with.

Heather Gurillermo --- Sep. 20, 2017

Rogers, AR.

John was one of the best parts of our wedding and reception. We received SO many compliments on the music, coordination, and entertainment that he provided. He was incredibly flexible with working two separate locations for us, and was very adaptable working with our church's required sound guy when working the ceremony. The reception was everything I hoped it would be, thanks to John. He kept the guests involved and entertained, and knew just what music to play. He was fantastic working with the venue employees to make sure everything was set up perfectly, and he directed the order of events flawlessly. If we ever need another DJ for an event, John will be our first choice. We would recommend him to anybody!

Rachel Solis --- May 8, 2017

Fort Smith, AR.

They were very nice people, easy to work with, everyone had a good time and the pictures turned out really good! Prices were very reasonable.

Yen Sinh --- Oct. 9, 2017

Mt. Ida, AR.

John and his crew made the 2017 prom for Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences a huge success. He was great to work with - we sent him a huge playlist - and he played what the students wanted to hear. He was on the dance floor teaching them his dance skills and emceed the prom king and queen coronation. His lighting and sound system is amazing! We highly recommend DjMercer!

Katharine Steiner --- April 23, 2017

Tulsa, OK.

John is a wonderful wedding planner and he made our wedding flow so smoothly and our guest are still raving about how much fun it was and how they enjoyed the wedding and reception.I believe he would be excellent at any event he was asked to oversee.I highly recommend his devices.

Susan Morgan --- Nov. 7, 2017

Brocken Arrow, OK.

John was fantastic. He taught us how to dance, and actually made my husband feel comfortable with it, which is quite a feat. Those dance lessons will be with us for a long time. We had a blast at the reception because of him, he played the perfect amount of everything we'd requested. He was always prompt, and more than met us halfway on anything we asked for. He made sure nothing happened that we didn't want, and always checked with us if he was unsure. I couldn't be happier with our choice of DJ for our wedding.

Hitee Robinson --- Nov. 11, 2017

Pearcy, AR.

DJMERCER was fabulous! He helped the nervous bride feel comfortable and did a great job involving the guests in all the fun. He did a wonderful job with the music. He also has great lights and sound system. I highly recommend him.

Angela Donley --- July 22, 2017

Pearcy, AR.

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