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Talina Cooley

Wedding Photographer

Taking the time to know what you want.


Never rushing the shot

Capturing  the real emotions in the moment.

All Day Photography - $1,500

free Consulting



(unlimited poses)


Getting ready photo's

Gown, Rings, Etc...

Bride portraits 

Groom portraits

Bridal party photo

Family photos

First Look


after ceremony


All Special Dances


Garter and Flower toss 

Cake Cutting Ceremony


Grand Exiting 

any other events or photos you may want



All edited and unedited photos

All right to your photos
(no copy right laws)

A Thumb Drive

All Day Photography with

Professional DjMercer ----> $2,499

free Consulting 



(unlimited poses)

Getting ready photo's                                  Professional DJ

Gown, Rings, Etc...                                       Reception

Bride portrait                                                Cocktail

Groom portrait                                            Ceremony Music

Bridal party photo                                        2nd system (for ceremony)

Family photos                                               Video (curved T.V.)

First Look                                                      Karaoke Package

Ceremony                                                     300,000 songs to choose from

after ceremony                                            M.C. (master of ceremony)

Reception                                                      Lighting Package

All Special Dances                                       All Special Dances

Toasts                                                           Toasts

Garter and Flower toss                               Garter and Flower toss

Cake Cutting Ceremony                             Cake Cutting ceremony

Guests                                                          Shoe game Etc..

Grand Exiting                                              Ballroom Dance Package

any other events or photos you may want


 Note:                                                                                Note:                 

All edited and unedited photos                          I will come to you

All right to your photos                                Classes are (3) 1 hour classes

(no copy right laws)                           Instructor will choreography 1st dance

A Thumb Drive

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